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Neurosky Mindset

10 October 2009 14,536 views No Comment
Neurosky Mindset

Editor's Rating: ★★★★½

Developer: Neurosky, Inc.

Website: http://www.neurosky.com

Status: Commercially Available

Price: $199 USD

Pros: Proven BCI technology, has already been used in applications by Mattel and Uncle Milton, integrated headphones, access to raw EEG data, uses dry electrode technology

Cons: Only one hard sensor, can become uncomfortable after extended use, lack of additional sensors may limit applications

Verdict: With proven technology under the hood and a relatively simple implementation, this headset introduces BCI technology to the general public in a nice, frills-free way that does not require a PhD to use effectively.

Your brain speaks a “language” of electrical impulses. The MindSet plays the part of the translator, communicating your emotional states.  The MindSet contains advanced components to sense and interpret your brainwaves, and is able to determine your level of attention and meditation.  Our review of the Mindset had to occur without having the actual hardware in our hands because we have been unable to procure a test model from the company.  What you will read has been aggregated from various other sources from around the web, citations included when appropriate.  So read on, and get a feel for what this little device can do!